Students Become E-Safety Officers

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On Monday 28th November 2016 three students attended the E-Safety Officer’s Training run by the Safer Schools Partnership of the Cheshire Constabulary Unit. The three students are Amy Royle (Y10), Joshua Kirkland (Y11) and Lucy-Mae Clarke (Y13) who will each be the E-Safety Officer for their respective year group.

This will allow us to support a whole school approach as the digital environment is constantly evolving and young people are interacting with it from a multitude of devices at an even younger age. This will allow us to deliver a whole school approach that empowers all with the relevant and up-to-date information on using the internet and whilst doing so keeping safe.

The vision is quite simple:

  • Working in partnership to protect young people online
  • Tackling E-Safety education to effectively engage young people in e-safety practice
  • Monitoring evolving trends to keep ahead and reduce harm
  • Empowering and protecting through knowledge sharing
  • Promoting good digital citizenship
  • Encouraging young people to become responsible users of information and computer technology
  • Ensuring young peoples are accessing age appropriate games
  • Empowering young people to support their parents` learning of new technologies
  • Increasing the young person’s self-awareness and responsibility when interacting socially online
  • Delivering a partnership approach throughout, through regular training and support
  • Engaging young people in creatively in projects to learn about E-Safety
  • Effectively responding to concerns around issues that young people face through sign posting, support and use of positive action

Students will meet regularly with Mr D. Halilic with updates and details of applications that are being used by young people, they will promote the scheme, share any new information in any way they feel appropriate to their class/year group/school and will attend any further training events.

Mr D. Halilic will ensure that senior leadership and all school staff are aware of the scheme, arrange half-termly meetings with the Youth Engagement Officer and the E-Safety Officers, ensure regular contact with the student E-Safety Officers and use information that will be sent on a regular basis to deliver age appropriate E-Safety information to students, governors and parents.

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