Cyber Crime & Cyber Risk talk for Year 10 IT Students

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Thank you to David Potter from Wrexham Glyndwr University on delivering a Cyber Crime & Cyber Risk presentation to our IT Year 10 students today. Students were open to a world of cyber security scope, terminology, incident planning, sources of information and impact on their modules.

Students looked at identity theft and how far back in time identity theft has existed, the FBI most wanted list and phishing, vishing, spear phishing, smishing, DDoS, ATMs, Hacking and Insiders. They also looked at a technology road-map from early 2000 to the future and engaged in a very interesting conversation where students gave their input of things to come.

Students then looked at and discussed the focus of “Are we really under attack?” in which different types of technology were examined to see if we are truly under attack. Including, but not limited to; ransom-ware, DDoS, key-logging, setting up defenses, passwords and bio-metrics.

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