FTS prepare for the PI Wars robotics competition

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Students from Future Tech Studio School are preparing to put their robot building skills to the test at the 2017 PI Wars robotics competition.

Pi Wars is a challenge-based robotics competition, taking place on 1st April, in which Raspberry Pi-controlled robots are created by teams and then compete in various non-destructive challenges to earn points.

There are prizes awarded at the end of the day. Last year, 30 teams competed for a full day of robot fun and games!

The students said: “We are a hard working group of students with a passion for robotics and anything technological! We have been chosen to compete in the straight line test, PI noon, the obstacle course and skittles.We are very lucky and excited to be taking part.”

As well as having their own impressive skills, students are also being supported by Barry from Dark Water, a Liverpool based company who manufacture and program underwater robots.


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