Triple Distinction* in Engineering and an ‘A’ in Maths

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Renzo Terte gained an impressive A grade in his L3 Core Maths and has secured a place at Huddersfield Uni to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Renzo was offered an unconditional offer due to his excellent triple Distinction* profile achievement on his L3 Extended Diploma in Engineering and his anticipated high grade in his Maths. Ms Stonier states “we are extremely proud of Renzo and he thoroughly deserves his unconditional offer and every success at university. He has always been a hardworking young man who has applied himself consistently in all areas of his studies”

Raussell also achieved triple Distinction* for his L3 Engineering and secured a C grade for his Maths. Raussell impressed the university of Manchester with his application and has also gained an unconditional offer to study a degree in Architecture. Ms Stonier states that “Universities are recognizing the value of the Engineering qualifications we delivered at Future Tech within a realistic working environment, with an abundance of real life opportunities to access employers and real life projects. They can see how Raussell was able to apply his knowledge and in-depth understanding of the subject showing a real working application of his skills and abilities”

Ms Stonier further states “we are proud of both Raussell and Renzo for achieving the top grades possible in their L3 Technical Engineering qualifications and wish them every success in their futures”

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