In an effort to encourage attendance it is our policy to telephone or text parents on the first day of a student’s absence. This system is a genuine attempt to stop truancy and prevent children being at risk by wandering the streets without their parents’ knowledge. A telephone message from home on the first day of a student’s absence is appreciated and will prevent us from contacting the home. Your child should also bring a note of explanation for his or her Form Tutor on returning to school.

The table below shows the impact of poor attendance on your child’s overall attendance percentage:

Days Absent Days of Absence Attendance % GCSE grade drop over two years if attendance decreases
1 1 Day 99.50%
2 2 Days 99%
3 3 Days 98.5%
4 4 Days 98%
5 1 Week 97.5%
10 2 Weeks 95% 0.5 grade lower
15 3 Weeks 92.5%
20 4 Weeks 90% 1 grade lower
25 5 Weeks 87.5%
30 6 Weeks 85% 1.5 grades lower

You should make every effort to ensure that your child attends classes’ everyday.

Attendance Diagram


If possible all appointments should be arranged out of school hours to ensure minimum disruption to your child’s education. When appointments have to be made in school hours a note asking for release must be sent to the Head of Key Stage. Students must be collected for all appointments by a person with parental responsibility that is named in the students file. We will not allow students to leave during school time unless this is so.

Please note that there is no automatic right for a student’s leave of absence. The school will consider a request for leave of absence in relation to the exceptional circumstances of the application together with the student’s attendance and educational attainment.

Punctuality is essential to ensuring each student gets the most out of their time at Future Tech. It is an important life skill that students need as they become young adults and enter the world of work. Poor punctuality is not acceptable. If a student misses the start of the day they can miss work and do not spend time with their class teacher getting vital information and news for the day. Students who arrive late to school make up the time at the end of the academy day by attending a detention with the Extended Leadership Team.

Late to school – kept at break.
5 or more in a ½ term – Loss of enrichment
10 or more in a ½ term – Loss of enrichment and a Friday 1.20pm- 3pm Leadership detention.
15 or more in a ½ term – Parental interview with the Head of Key Stage. Parents and students to sign a contract including parents to pick up and drop off students.
In Year 12 and 13 we reserve the right to remove students from the course with poor attendance or punctuality.


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