All Year 11 exams start on May 15th 2017. You can find the full timetable here. 
Yes there is. All the information you need is on our examinations page or by downloading the timetable here. 
These exams vary. Please look at our examinations page or by downloading the timetable here. 
Our ethos is to deliver teaching and learning in small group sizes. These will all be different depending on what you are doing and to suit your need. Curriculum sessions will aim to have no more than 15-17 students in.
Homework is set where appropriate to further engage interest and stretch your potential or to assess your learning progress. It is not set every day by every tutor.
Yes, in all years we have strong links with different universities and they work with us by shaping our curriculum and giving specialist talks and visits either in the school or at their university. They devise and make up projects and assignments for you to complete so that you can prove you have the skills they are looking for on application to university.
Constantly. Your curriculum sessions are designed to be more practically delivered due to the availability of our specialist facilities and resources at the school. There are also sessions built into your weekly timetable where you are outside of the classroom environment and work on project based assignments and practical learning themes. We expect you to ‘design and make’ a lot of products whatever your specialist pathway is.
These are wide and varied and on offer to you weekly. It could be making robots, racing cars or furniture. It can be Science or STEM related or looking at a variety of technological or computer designed software. Sports, Dance, D of E, volunteering and charity work are also on offer. All the subjects offer specialist enrichment and staff also deliver hobbies and interests in a wide variety of their personal interests.
Every day we set aside 1 hour intervention support sessions in maths, English and Science which you can volunteer to attend. There are weekly mandatory support sessions for each of the subjects and specialism’s if your teachers identify you are falling behind. You will also have a form tutor who will set you weekly targets and organise support sessions for you to attend in the areas of improvement you have identified. We also have personal coaches that can give you 1:1 support on a range of issues or concerns.
At FTS you have the choice to tailor make your curriculum and learning to suit your needs rather than have to sit a lot of GCSE’s and subjects you don’t want to study. We have 3 or 4 specialist subject pathways that you can spend considerable time studying in your timetable so you will find your day is filled with interesting and career related lessons and learning. It is hands on and practical and relies on you designing products and getting involved in projects and competitions. We provide ample employability and business related experiences and opportunities which gives you an added advantage when applying for Jobs, further study or University courses. Our curriculum gives you the skills and qualities that you need to prove that you are employable, work ready and able to succeed in adult life.
The school has a cashless catering system and students use their ID card to pay for their food. An on-line cashless payment facility called ‘WisePay’ can be completed electronically by clicking here, or you can bring money into the school and load it onto your student ID card.
 The new student starter pack can be accessed by clicking here
To download a a copy of the GCSE 1-9 explained guidance sheet please click here, also you can view a short video by clicking here, this explains the grading structure within two minutes.


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