Special Educational Needs

We at Future Tech Studio are committed to meeting the special educational needs (SEN) of students and ensuring that they make optimal progress. The Future Tech Studio approach lends itself to supporting students with special needs throughout their educational career and we believe strongly in preparing students for working life ensuring they have the right tools to succeed.

Parents of students with special needs are no different to any other parents in that you are looking for an environment where your child is most likely to thrive: where they will feel happy, safe and secure and benefit from the kind of teaching, support and pastoral care that enables them to reach their potential.

For some students it is clear which type of educational setting is likely to be the most suitable, but for others there will be a difficult choice to be made between mainstream and special school provision.

Future Tech Studio is a very inclusive school with a diverse population. Students with a wide range of special educational needs are successfully included in our setting, with varying degrees of support.

For students hoping to, or about to, join Future Tech Studio there will be a significant amount of liaison between our and your child’s current school to ensure that the transition is a smooth as possible.

All students with SEN are fully timetabled within the studio timetable, including mixed ability tutor groups, ability sets and, the option groups.

The studio receives additional funding for pupils with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan. This is delegated to meet each student’s needs according to their needs, reviewed annually, which is produced in partnership with the local Authority.

We have outstanding links with the Authority and many other specialist support agencies. They complement our own experience and expertise in meeting the needs of all our students with special educational needs, including the assessment of any student whose needs may emerge during Year 10 to Year 13.

The school has good disability provision such as lifts to all floors and disabled parking to ensure that any student with a disability has full access to all facilities and the whole curriculum.

Students with special educational needs will be admitted to Future Tech in line with the Studio’s admissions’ policy. The Studio is aware of the statutory requirements of the SEN and Disability and Equality Acts and will meet these requirements.

Once the studio is alerted to the fact that a student may have a difficulty in learning or and require more challenging and stretching materials, we will make our best endeavours to collect all appropriate information and plan a relevant differentiated and accessible curriculum.

As students with additional needs progress from their school to Future Tech, the Pastoral Manager will contact their leaving school to ask for SEN files to be sent to Future Tech. If a school or College asks the Studio for any SEN files they will first be copied and then sent by recorded delivery to the new placement or sent electronically.

The Studio will take an active learning approach to all complaints and concerns. In our Complaints Policy, should a parent/carer have a concern about the special provision made for their child, they will be invited in the first instance to discuss this with the Head of either Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5. If the concern continues then the Pastoral Manager, SENDco and Head of Key Stage will work closely with the parent and student to identify the adjustments necessary to facilitate improvements for the student.

Further details can be found within our SEN Policy.

Parents can get further support from either :

SEN Jungle
Warrington – Ask Ollie

Or directly to the SENDco:
Mrs Jayne McKay
01925 494321

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