Support & Guidance

To support and guide our students we have our own team of personal coaches. Personal coaches are crucial to the successful delivery of the Future Tech Studio curriculum model. They act as a key link point between all aspects of the curriculum, working with students and teachers to ensure that the curriculum is holistic, personalised and fully compliant will all relevant National Curriculum requirements. Personal coaches will have the following key responsibilities:

  • Negotiating core project delivery by working with students at the beginning of projects to tailor them to meet their goals and training requirements
  • Planning and coordinating the personalised learning plans and routes for each of their students
  • Supporting students to reflect on and evaluate their progress, setting personalised targets
  • Liaising with staff within the Studio School and local businesses to monitor and observe students’ progress
  • Working with teachers to provide support for core projects and single lesson sessions, helping to ensure that all National Curriculum requirements are delivered
  • Making students aware of the progression routes available to them and how their learning relates to them
  • Building relationships with parents to ensure that they are aware of the progress that their children are making

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