Work Placements

Work placements are a key element of the Future Tech Studio experience and help set our students apart from those who follow the traditional education route. Students have the opportunity to combine academic and vocational qualifications with real life work experiences. A work placement offers students the opportunity to understand how to conduct themselves in the work place, understanding the importance of punctuality, office etiquette, how to answer the telephone and how to present themselves in a meeting. Additionally students have the chance to gain valuable experience spending time working for an employer and carrying out duties or tasks as any other employee of the company would.

Initially work placements are an “Introduction to the workplace”, providing students with an insight into how a business within the industry they are interested in operates, and how individual employees contribute to the organisation. Over time students will have the opportunity to get involved in specific projects and tasks, providing them with real life experiences they can use within their studies and beyond when applying for jobs and attending interviews.

Year 10 and 11 students may spend up to 20 days on work placement during the academic year with an employer relevant to their learning pathway.

Year 12 and 13 students complete a more personalised path of employment which is suited to their individual needs and career pathway. This may include 1 or 2 days a week with an employer, block placements or continuation in paid employment of their own. The expectations and experiences within the 6th form employability programme are much more tailored towards professional development and following an initial employment skills workshop programme, designed to prepare them for working highly effectively with our employer partners. Our employers recognise the need to continually push our students to achieve to the best of their ability whilst on placement and support them to branch out into new areas of development which will enable them to demonstrate to any employer that they are highly capable and resilient in the employment field.

Students will have the opportunity to work with major local employers including Barclays Global Technology Centre, Brookson Contractor Accountants, The Environment Agency, European Metal Recycling, Golden Gates Housing, Live Wire, National Nuclear Laboratories, United Utilities and Warrington Borough Council. Students will have to apply for their work placements. Then, as in real life, they will have to go through a selection process/interview with the employer.

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